In March 2013, I had the pleasure of working with the ladies at FoodFight NYC. They needed a program that both informed and celebrated their Third Annual Benefit. FoodFight aims to revolutionize how people think about food in schools and to create healthier communities.

The FoodFight team was very open to new ideas and gave me the opportunity to get creative with a rather ubiquitous part of most celebrations. While we started with a traditional card program, it involved into something much more fun.

FoodFight NYC was founded by Deb Grant and Carolyn Cohen.
Round 1: 
Black and White Concepts
Initial Design Option 1: Typographical. In the end they went with a typographical treatment, but the design gets more exciting from here.
Option 2: Since they were having food trucks do the catering, I incorporated a couple silhouettes to spice up the design.

Round 2:
Updated details and paper ideas

Added placeholder event details. At this point, the program is still in the traditional format. I suggested butcher paper or other recycled paper to give a "homemade" and textured feel. Another idea was to print the program on a paper lunch bag as the organization works closely with schools and teachers. However, paper bags have a cheap feeling to them. The client needed something people wanted to keep, take home and perhaps display.

Early version of email mast image.
Round 3:
A bottle of good

Since the benefit was at the Brooklyn Brewery, we were able to get 22 oz bottles of their Local 1 Belgian Pale Ale. All it needed was the program as a label to tie the location, the event and the organization together. Throughout this round we played with color, added more imagery and locked down the details.
I added their core colors to liven it up a bit. One concern was that the color wouldn't turn out correctly on brown paper.
In this one we made the carrot the singular color focus.
All black on brown with the carrot.
Without the carrot.
Final Round:
Bottle Label Template
Final full wrap label template on 11 x 8.5" paper. Intended for a 22oz bottle.
Third Annual FoodFight Benefit!
Really, the best part is seeing the final product. I wasn't able to attend, but I got some great feedback on this design.
From Deb Grant, Co-Founder:
"...Suffice it to say that many of the attendees mentioned how: clever, creative, entertaining, eye-catching etc. the bottles were.  They were thrilled to be able to take the bottles home...You did such a masterful job bringing our vision to life."

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